vrijdag 15 oktober 2010

TAKE US UP........

Finaly, I 'm up to posting my last work till today. I'ts a special one, because it really is surreal.
I wanted to participate October's Artastic challenge, but couldn't work with shabby things, I tried, but it ended up with the trash. 
There's no doubt I always say wooooow with that style, but somehow it doesn't end up the way I want and it really is no good.
So , I tried a whole other style and I liked this one a lot.
The journaling says:
TAKE US UP......
to a land of roses and a clear blue sky, where dreams have a future and wishes of happiness come true.
Where hearts will never be broken and every one finds his peace.
This really is  something I wish for my children, because the world we live in now is sometimes much to hard to live in, don't get me wrong , we have a lot of fun and loving moments in our life and our family,and every moment is worth living for but outside it's often violence , war, unkindness.
Anayway I don't wanna sound down or anything because I have a lovely family, a few good friends en a fun hobby, so nothing to complain about.

have a real nice weekend everyone.


donderdag 14 oktober 2010


This one, is one of my favorites, I saw one of most the beautiful film posters on Octobers "from screen to scrap"
challenge "My fair lady".
I know i couldn't even come close to this one, so I only took the criteria to work with:
- pink shades
- blue title
-self made hat
The pictures were taken on Yana's Mardi gras party in February this year.
She wanted to be a cow girl, so I took one of her pictures like she's in normal life and cut out the "topmodel" photos of her being a cow girl.
There were a lot of enthusiastic comments and I'm very proud of this one. 


The next LO is a challenge for September's "from screen to scrap", the criteria were 
- a black title
-a handprint
-yellow and red cardstock.
I don't think this is one of my best works, it didn't turn out the way I wanted.
The photo's I do like, because these two girls are incredible beautiful an best friends ever.
By the way, those two girls are Chloë (Peggy's daughter) and Yana (my youngest daughter).
Yana is doing Chloë's make up at the yearly schoolfair in May.


These pictures were taken in Venice (Italy), it was a surprise from my sweety in May this year.
A few weeks later I saw the challenge "scrapping the music" and wanted to show my husband how grateful I was for this holiday.
 It was one of the favorite destinations on my "to do in my life" list , and it was even  better than I  could hope for.
It were the most romantic days in my life enjoying "my guy",the beautiful architecture, the incredible weather, the magic moments.


These two handsome guys are Peggy's and mine. Peggy and I got to know each other thanks to our kids,Chloë and Yana, who are inseparable friends in school.
For about 3 years we have been best friends ever, (we never thought we could find our best friend in our thirties),
because of her I got into scrapping a few months ago and we even got closer because of that.
Our husbands were polite to each other , but got to know each other better and better, and now when our families come together it's always fun from the beginning till the end.
This is the LO I made the evening before I left for two weeks on holiday to Spain. I left in tears (and wasn't the only one).
You can see how much fun they have in their eyes.